Monday is the first day of the week

Alternative title: How to change the calendar to show Monday as the first day of the week, while keeping the language setting as US English.

When setting the language of the OS during installation to either US_en or CA_en, all other locale parts of the system are also set to adhere to the standards used in these countries. I prefer the American spelling, but not their impractical measurement conventions. Instead, I would like the sound metric system, so I usually opt for CA_en. The one problem still persisting with this setting is that, calendar programs (such as the Gnome Calendar app or the default output from tools like cal) start the week on Sunday instead of Monday.

To fix this, we need to specify the time locale variable. In /etc/locale.conf, change the existing time variable to this line LC_TIME=en_DK.UTF-8 (or simply append it if there is no current time variable specified).

As the last step, we need to enable the locale en_DK on the system. This is done by uncommenting the corresponding line in /etc/locale.gen and then running locale-gen as root to update the settings. The new settings will be applied after logging out and in again.

This info is largely from the excellent arch wiki.

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